An Open and Affirming, Just Peace Congregation in Columbia, Maryland


CUCC choir c

CUCC’s music program is rich and varied, featuring many talented musicians and vocalists. Music is an integral part of our worship. We invite you to join us. Come and make a joyful sound!

Vocal Music    The music program is anchored by CUCC’s choir. The choir provides music for 9 months of the year, from September to early June. Volunteers are recruited to provide special music (vocal and instrumental) in the summer months. The choir welcomes singers of all ages and experience. Some members have been with the choir for more than 30 years. Others are more recent recruits, but no less enthusiastic. Rehearsals are informal, despite the occasional rhythm study exercise. Rehearsals are held at the Meeting House on Tuesdays from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. (in Room 200) and on Sunday mornings (in Room 100) at 9:45 a.m.

Instrumental Music    The music director, a jazz musician by training, accompanies the congregation and choir on piano and organ. The organ is shared with another congregation at the Meeting House and is used by CUCC on alternate Sundays each month. In addition to piano, the choir is regularly accompanied by drums and bass guitar for a more contemporary sound. Sometimes a piece of music benefits from additional enhancement, and rhythm instruments – hand drums, claves (rhythm sticks), maracas, and tambourine – are added to the mix. On occasion, the choir invites guest musicians from the congregation to accompany them on instruments such as the cello, flute, guitar, trombone, and upright bass. Once or twice a year, our folk music group provides music for the worship service, accompanying the congregation on acoustic instruments.

Music and Our Young People    CUCC encourages the young people of the congregation to get involved in the music program. Children are invited to join the choir as a singer or musician or to provide special music during the worship service. Our youngest members have provided music on a variety of instruments, including acoustic guitar, alto saxophone, cello, concert bass, flute, and piano.