An Open and Affirming, Just Peace Congregation in Columbia, Maryland

CUCC Annual Beach Retreat

Sharing Faith and Community

Many members of our community value their faith as an important part of their lives.  Likewise, people value the CUCC community as an important and valuable part of their lives.  However, as the consumer surveys often ask–”Would you recommend it to someone else?” Anyone who has walked into our sanctuary on a Sunday morning receives a thoroughly warm welcome, and we are all happy that someone new might join our community.  Beyond the doors of Room 100, the situation becomes more difficult.  Through the theme of “Sharing Faith and Community,” we will explore these questions:

  • What have your personal experiences been with people who have shared their faith or their faith community with you?
  • Have you had any experiences where you shared your faith with another person, or ask someone to come to your faith community?
  • What does the Bible call us to do?
  • What does our Statement of Faith mean when it says “We welcome people to be part of our community. . . “?
  • What holds people back from reaching out to others?
  • Can we overcome the things that hold us back, or find more comfortable ways of reaching out to new community members?

Join us for this retreat Friday, September 22-Sunday, September 24 to delve into these questions, and to enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful setting. Please review the documents below for information on what supplies to bring, driving directions, and more registration information. Please bring snacks to share.

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